Connellsville, Pennsylvania

Connellsville Redevelopment Authority

Downtown Connellsville

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Reaching Our Goal: To date we have received over $ 136,900 in donations and pledges towards our Revitalization Program. We have surpassed our goal of $ 125,000. Please keep those pledges coming in. We appreciate your efforts in helping us exceed this goal. We have submitted our application to the state for review.

The following businesses and organizations have made a financial

donation to the Downtown Connellsville Program: Attorney Carolyn Maricondi, City of Connellsville, Community Foundation of Fayette, Conn Area Catholic School, Connellsville Chamber of Commerce, Connellsville Elks, Donna J. Evans Realty, Gasbarro Insurance, Horewitz, Cordaro, Dietz & Miele, Janney Montgomery Scott, Kisiel & Rudnik, Risers Pub, Fink Funeral Home, Mancuso's Barber Shop, City Church of Connellsville, Connellsville Counseling and Psychological Center, Molinaro Law Office, Grasso Greenhouses, Charleroi Federal Savings, Graft Oil, Johnson Accounting, Glass Cap Federal Credit Union, Rotary Connellsville, Colebrook Chocolates, Sheetz, The Bug Trap, Armstrong, Connellsville Area Senior Tigers, Widmer Engineering, CAEA, McCarthy Public Relations, Connellsville Area Education Association, Trinity Lutheran Church, Slovak Club, Wesley Methodist Church, Davies Ford, Fayette EMS, Fiesta Insurance, New Haven Volunteer Fire Department, Daughters of the American Colonists, Highlands Hospital, Connellsville Area Garden Club, Dr. Grimaldi, Connellsville Industrial Enterprises, Demuth Florist, Federal Enterprise Community Grant, Bruner Chiropractic, Tina's Hair Nook, H&R Block, Bud Murphy's Restaurant, Lions Club, National City Bank now PNC, The Stern Center, St. John's Lutheran Church, King's Physical Therapy and Fitness, Connellsville Area Historical Society, Lidl Lyns and Beck Outlet.

Many individuals have also made financial committments to the program.

Downtown Connellsville Vision Statement: Connellsville is a community of rich natural and historic resources where all embrace: local history, the benefits of tourism centered on the Great Allegheny Passage and the Youghiogheny River, the beauty of the environment, the advantages of local services, businesses, artists and crafters; so that both the quality of life and vitality of businesses are improved through increased visitors and active members of the community.

Downtown Connellsville Mission Statement:

With the current business community, natural and historic resources and our cultural diversity as a solid foundation, the Downtown Connellsville Program will provide opportunities for existing and future businesses to expand and flourish by encouraging economic development and revitalization through the promotion of our heritage, the arts and tourism.

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Questions & Answers

Who benefits from a Main Street Program?


by providing a greater opportunity for growth and expansion. There would be an expanded customer base and less financial risk.

Property Owners

by stable or increased rents, increased occupancy rates, improved marketability of property and increased property value.

Financial Institutions

by an expanded customer base both commercial and residential. Opportunity to improve public image and goodwill towards the community and fulfill the community reinvestment mandate.

Professional and Service Businesses

by having a ready-made customer base of local employees.

Chamber of Commerce

by the potential increase of membership. There would be a healthier overall business climate and potential partnerships on joint projects.


would have local accessibility to goods and services. More employment/career opportunities. There would be opportunities for volunteerism and leadership development. Preserving the community for future generations. A stronger tax base helps to support other community aspects including schools, parks, etc.

Local Government

would have an increased sales and property tax base, thereby protecting property values and creating an opportunity for infrastructure investment. There is also a reduced pressure for sprawl development.

Community Partners

would see an improved quality of life in the community. There is the potential for new membership among new residents.


benefit through youth involvement in civic projects. The potential to use the commercial district as a "classroom" for school projects. There would be more places to go and activities for youth.

Businesses outside of the Commercial District

benefit by the increased visitor traffic to the community, improved municipal services throughout the community. The additional amenities for employees and clients provide further benefit.


benefits because an improved quality of life makes recruiting and retaining employees easier.

SWOT Analysis Visioning Session I

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats

March 18, 2008




Rich in History



Sports Figures

Historical Society

Coal & Coke Capital




GAP Bike Trail

Scottdale Trail

Festivals—Geranium, Timber Days, Braddock’s Crossing


Linden Hall


Skiing, proximity

4 Seasons of Recreation


Yough River


Trout fishing

Low pollution

Clean Environment

Float /Raft on River


Community Oriented

Local Hospital

Local Newspaper

Good Schools

Diverse Ethnicities

Small Town feel

Police/Fire Service

Affordable Housing

Strong Service Org.

Families moving back

Wellness programs

Friendly people


Local artists

Theater in Community Center



Bridge repairs


Public Transport

No Plan/Vision


Code Enforcement

Buildings, disrepair

Vacant lots

Lack of Landlord Pride


Lack of Industry

Not attracting Jobs

Declining skills

Lack of Investment



Bike Trail

Our History

Natural Resources

Lack: Hotel


Visitor's Center



Lack of Youth activities

Loss of Youth



Budget Challenges


No Recreation Center/amenities

Drug Abuse

Too Many Dollar Stores

No Bike Orientation in School

Weak Academics in School



Bicycling Hub

Create Race/Tour

Amtrak promote biking

Cumberland—sister city

Scenic Railroad

Festival Promotion

Day packages


Coffee Shop/Restaurant

Build on Lots

Vacant Storefronts to Viable Business

Jobs for Youth

Farmer’s market

Bus Trips

Bicycle services

Art Related


East Park—concerts


Bedroom Community

Swimming Pool

Engage youth in activities

Interaction with people


From Inside

Close schools

Negative attitude


Code Enforcement:

Buildings Deteriorate



Decline in Residential neighborhoods


Riverfront Access

Not drawing tourist to downtown

No economic impetus from Tourism


Lose Hospital

Lack: Economic Opportunity

Lack: Employment Opportunity

Non-commercial base

From Outside

Youth Continue to Leave Area

Other Bike Towns

River degradation

Getting Ready for Community Revitalization in Connellsville

We have hosted three community meetings to get the community input towards the

visioning process

that will help to create our Main Street.

We need your help to make this work.

At our first meeting will looked at our


(what you like and what you want to retain or enhance)


(what you want to change)


(things that you would like to have in the community)

and Threats.

Revitalization takes a 4 point approach to downtown revitalization.

There will be 4 committees: Organization, Design, Economic Restructuring and Promotion. Each committee will need members to assist in its operation.

Organization Committee

Chairpersons: Bryan Kisiel and Michael Edwards

Building consensus and cooperation among

the groups that play a role in downtown and

providing the necessary resources


Volunteer Development




Design Committee

Enhancing the physical appearance of the central business district Buildings Physical Improvements Planning/Zoning Parking/Transportation Visual Merchandising Graphic Elements

Economic Restructuring Committee

Chairpersons: Gerry Browell, Dave Marchewka and Laurie Hensel

Strengthening and diversifying the

economic base of the central business district

Business Retention

Business Recruitment

New Economic Uses

Trade Area Information

Financial Incentive

Promotions Committee

Chairpersons: Pat Stefano 

Marketing the unique characteristics to

shoppers, investors, new businesses, tourists, youth and others

General Image

Special Events

Retail Promotions

If you would like more information or to volunteer please email us or

call us at 724 320 6392.